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You can do-it-yourself, or you can hire me to create a custom version for you.


This is a great learning tool.  You can buy this, make several copies, and tear the copies apart to see what makes them tick.

To customize the buttons and fonts on this web, just open the themes view > click modify > and go from there.  Changing the red to another color is a no-brainer.  Changing the black requires a little bit of graphics work, but it's very easy as long as you have a decent graphics program and an understanding of how to control table cell background colors.

Hire Me

If you have a logo and specific graphics and colors that need to be integrated into your web, then it might be better to hire me to take care of that for you.  Pricing for custom web templates depends upon the degree of customization you need but can often be as low as $100.

Send your custom web template specifications to tom@outfront.net for pricing.