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Free & Personal Use Policy

Good news, the pictures you take from these galleries are free.  Provided you take them for personal or for non-profit organization use.  You may use them freely on websites, in documents, in presentations, etc.  But you must meet the following simple requirements.


We do require that you put a copyright notice on your work.  This will protect you and assure us that no one else can legally take these pictures and sell them for profit.  A simple copyright notice will suffice.  Something similar to "Copyright 2002 your name."  See the bottom of this page for an example.


For websites, we request a picture credit containing a link back to this site, from your site.  For example you could put the picture credit just below the picture's title.  The text of the credit could be setup to be a hyperlink back to this site.  For an example of this, refer to the second picture (of an red anthirium flower) located at the following web page:


For websites, we require that you store the pictures used on your own web server.  Please do not use a hyperlink back to this site to fetch the picture.


You are being given non-exclusive, non-transferable rights to use the photographs that are in these free picture galleries.  Once downloaded pictures may used indefinitely.    


Pictures of people may only be used for wholesome purposes.  They are not be placed on any websites, reports or publications that contain adult, occult, hate, or any illegal content.


You are not to sell these pictures for profit.  You may not use them in any way for commercial purposes.  However, there are pictures available for commercial use.  See the next section for details.

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Commercial Use Policy

Pictures in these free galleries section may not be used for commercial purposes.  However, pictures form the main gallery site may be used for commercial purposes after payment is made.  

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Helpful Links

We gathered together some helpful links designed to further help people looking for photographs and artwork.  Also to assist artist, photographers and web developers in promoting and aiding their work.  Click here to go to the hyperlinks page.


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Usage Requirements: Pictures on this site are costly to produce and they are copyrighted.  Therefore, some simple rules apply when using them.  Prior to downloading, you must read and comply with the "Free Personal and Nonprofit Use Policies" that apply to the images contained in these Free Galleries.  For commercial use go directly to the more extensive paid Picture Galleries to download any pictures.

Download Instructions: Windows systems: right mouse click image and select "Save Picture As."  Mac systems: click over image and hold for 1 second, select "Save Image or Picture As" from popup.

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